Search and replace in multiple files on linux with bash, egrep, sed function

Heres a simple function to add to your shell if you ever want to replace a string in multiple files at once. It ignores everything in .git, otherwise you get ‘bad index file sha1 signature’ errors.

function gsed () {
if [ -z "$3" ]
echo "== Usage: gsed search_string replace_string [path]"
egrep --exclude-dir=.git -lRZ "$1" $3 | xargs -0 -l sed -i -e "s/$1/$2/g"

Add it to the bottom of ~/.bashrc

So you might want to replace all occurences of ‘badly_named_method’ with ‘awesome_method_name’, recursively for the current directory? You would type:

gsed "badly_named_ruby_method" "awesome_method_name" .

Note: quotes are optional for single words.

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