Bash Color Index

Sometimes it’s nice to add color output to your bash scripts. Here’s a small ‘color index’ reference script for your .bashrc, for when you want to add a bit of color to your scripts.

Save the following script somewhere in your PATH (e.g. /bin/color_index),
and make it executable. (chmod +x /bin/color_index)


# Bash Colors Index

# Shows an index of all available bash colors

# ------------------------------------------------

echo -e "\n Usage: \\\e[\*;**(;**)m"
echo -e " Default: \\\e[0m"
blank_line="\e[0m\n \e[0;30;40m$(printf "%41s")\e[0m"
echo -e "$blank_line" # Top border
for style in 2 0 1 4 9; do
echo -en " \e[0;30;40m "

# Display black fg on white bg

echo -en "\e[${style};30;47m${style};30\e[0;30;40m "
for foreground in $(seq 31 37); do
      echo -en "${ctrl}"
echo -en "${style};${foreground}\e[0;30;40m "
echo -e "$blank_line" # Separators
echo -en " \e[0;30;40m "

# Background colors

echo -en "\e[0;37;40m*;40\e[0;30;40m \e[0m" # Display white fg on black bg
for background in $(seq 41 47); do
echo -en "${ctrl}"
echo -en "*;${background}\e[0;30;40m "
echo -e "$blank_line" "\n" # Bottom border

Running ‘color_index’ will display something like this:


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