Running bash color codes through sed

I have a script that runs a search and replace on a git status. I recently found out how to do 'git config color.status always', so that git status gives color codes to my functions. However, this broke the substitution, and it took me a while to figure it out.

At the end of every line, there was an invisible 'reset' color code, and this meant that 'sed "s/string$/$replace"' was no longer finding 'string$'.

Here is an example of how to use sed when your string contains color codes:

# Need to strip the color character from the end of the line, otherwise

# EOL '$' doesn't work. This gave me a headache for long time.

# The echo ~> regex is time-consuming, so perform a simple search first.

if [[$line == *$search*]]; then
line=$(echo $line | sed -r "s:$search(\x1B\[m)?$:$replace:g")

You might also find this page useful:

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