3D Printed Pegboard Mounts for Stanley Fatmax V20 Power Tools

3D Printed Pegboard Mounts for Stanley Fatmax V20 Power Tools

I have some Stanley Fatmax power tools:

  • Impact Driver
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Sander
  • Circular Saw

I also have their lawnmower, leaf blower, and pressure washer. It's great that we can use the same batteries for everything.

I decided to mount the hand-held power tools on a pegboard in my workshop. I found this 3D model called "Drzak naradi Stanley Fatmax V20" on Printables. (Czech for "Stanley Fatmax v20 wall-mounted tool battery holder.")

I wanted to tweak the model and create some variations, so I cloned it in OpenSCAD. I imported the STL into a web-based tool called Meshy to measure the dimensions.

I recreated the model in OpenSCAD. I added 4 screw holes to match the holes in my pegboard (spaced 25mm apart.) I made the holes large enough to fit my screwdriver.

I also cut an angle into the protruding arms to help my tools to slide onto the holder instead of getting stuck.

I printed some wall anchors to attach the mounts to my pegboard. I resized the model to fit the 4.5mm holes in the pegboard.

Wall Plug Ancour extra short 9x20mm by Supertas80
I needed an extra short wall plug or anchor, because there was iron in the wall and i am not sure if I can kill it. Perhaps it is useful for you to. I made it for wholes with size of 9x20mm.


And here's the tools on the wall:

Still a work in progress!

I'm not sure about the layout, but hopefully it will look a bit better once I've put some more tools on the wall. I need to print something to hold my Bosch router. I'm also planning to buy some more Stanley Fatmax tools. Maybe an angle grinder, multi-material cutting tool, and a work light. Those will all go on the wall as well.