3D Printing Log

3D Printing Log

I bought a Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D printer in March 2023.

I find a lot of models on Thingiverse, Printables, and MakerWorld. I also design my own parts in Autodesk Fusion and OpenSCAD.

This page is where I log some of the things that I've 3D printed.


Dog Gate Brackets

We have a gate to keep our dog out of the kitchen and living room when we're away. She figured out how to push the gate over, so I printed these brackets to screw into the wall and make it much stronger.


Charizard (5x multi-color print with 2x AMS)

Requested by a friend. This ended up taking 3 days since I kept having problems with the filament getting stuck.


I saw a tip on Reddit about using a lighter to tidy up the print, and it worked well for this one. I was able to quickly melt the very fine strands of plastic and smooth out the surface.

Blind Motor Adapters

I bought a Zigbee motor from AliExpress to automate my blinds. It didn't fit my 50mm blinds tube so I designed my own adapter. This is the first time I designed something in Autodesk Fusion.


Stanley Fatmax v20 Tool Holders

Still a work in progress!

Replacement Sunvisor Clip for Audi

Audi Sunvisor Clip Replacment part by Papillote
Hello Everyone, It works with most AUDI cars !!! I designed a sunvisor clip for my Audi A3 as the clip was broken (see pictures). The printed part works exactly as the original one. You have to reuse the grey case and the small iron part. It is very easy to change, just follow theses steps according to the pictures : 1) Print the stl file as it is, hook looking up and with support in contact with the bed. While it is printing, remove your broken sun visor clip thanks to slotted screwdriver. 2) Take printed part and remove supports 3) Take the iron part of your broken sunvisor clip to mount it on the printed clip. 4) Put the printed part on your car (no glue, just press it) 5) Add the grey case and that’s it, your ready to go. This replacement clip should work with the following cars : A1 S1, A3 S3, A4 S4, B6 B7 B8, A5 S5, Q3 Q5 and maybe more... Hope it will be usefull for you, and helps you saving time ! Thank you for liking it, collecting it, post a comment and a make :D

Aeria Mechanica Mini

3D Printable Aeria Mechanica Mini by Dan
Quickbuild Snippet: https://youtube.com/shorts/tSU-9JgXX4o?feature=share Assembly Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r7BkmFpSfY84eBJSskd3xgEm4L7gxlrf/view?usp=sharing | Download free and paid 3D printable STL files

I cut some small pins for the gears using my Dremel

Leviathan Steam Train

Steam Engine Train Leviathan by mardur
Detailed steam engine train loosely modeled after the number 63 Leviathan. Matching tender is available at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4772254 The model is not to any scale and not an accurate replica, particularly for the wheel sockets and the cabin. Most parts can be printed without or only very little support. Careful, there are more than 100 pieces to the entire model. If parts are to be printed multiple times, the amount is indicated in brackets in the filename. A standard LED can be placed inside the lantern and cables will run inside the model towards the cabin. Another LED might be placed loosely inside the boiler to indicate the burning fire. The details in the model are designed to be printed with 0.4mm nozzle FDM at 0.2mm layer height. I personally printed it on an Ender 3 in PLA. Most parts will be glued in place. Some parts (especially the wheels) are supposed to be attached with M2x20mmm screws. Any other diameter or length will not fit. Sorry about that. The wheels and drive mechanism are theoretically moving, but at least for my print, the tolerances are too tight for smooth movement. I am not particularly happy with the wheel sockets either. I should come up with a better solution there.

Fried Rice Sandbox Toy

Fried Rice Sandbox Toy
My wife is a counselor who does “play therapy” with children. She has a sand tray and some toys that kids can play with during the session. Sometimes she asks me to 3D print things for the kids to play with. I printed a little shovel for the sand tray:

See the project blog post for more details


Replacement Generator Cap

My cousin works for a company that supplies generators for events. They lost one of these generator caps and asked me if I could print a new one, since it's quite expensive to buy a replacement. I copied the design in OpenSCAD and printed it using ASA filament for strength and UV resistance.

This took a few attempts because there was significant warping with ASA. You can see the build plate jump up a little bit as the plastic cools and shrinks, but it was able to finish printing without any issues.

Dune Ornithopter Model

House Atreides Royal Ornithopter Kit Card by Iron_Man_
----NOT MY CREATION---- originally made by Kamteix over on printables. their page can be found here: https://www.printables.com/model/783683-dune-house-atreides-ornithopter-kit/files I’ve included two files, one file that’s compact, and one for a small print bed. If you choose the compact version, make sure to download one of the wing files. I recommend the long wings, but it’s up to you. STL files soon!

The Moon

This print took 33 hours.

Designer Lithophane Moon Lamp by humphrey_b52
This is a remix. This is a cool lamp. Maybe a gift. This is easy to print. This is an eye catcher. This takes 2 days to print. This is a #3dp design. MK2 is here! Globe: got bigger to the max. Prusa envelope Bayonet lock: works better with all tolerances Light stand: redesigned rocket legs and better proportions And there is a ceiling adapter. And a version (28 mm socket hole) for a popular IKEA cord set If you like what you see, consider following me to support my work. prusaprinters.org/frankdeschner/ There will be more practical #3dp prints regularly. Moon Globe High-res Moon Globe, diameter approx.: 210 mm / 8.2 in Hole for light bulb, max diameter: 60 mm / 2.3 in Credit for the Moon Lithophane goes to u/moononournation: 8 in Progressive Detail Moon Lamp Light Stand Height: 85 mm / 3.4 in Socket hole diameter: 40 mm / 1.6 in Ceiling Adapter Height: 20 mm / .8 in Socket hole diameter: 40 mm / 1.6 in plus versions with socket hole diameter: 28 mm Lamp kit E26/27 lamp socket, 12 ft braided cord, on/off switch amazon lamp kits Light bulbs Small LED globe light bulbs, warm/neutral white, 25 W amazon 25 W bulbs LED light bulbs, warm/neutral white, 40 W amazon 40 W bulbs Smart bulbs WiFi tunable white, LED bulb Wyze bulbs WiFi light bulb, LED RGB color changing amazon RGB bulbs (no affiliation)

Lighter Fluid Tracks

Lighter fluid tracks by OscarMorris-Design
Tracks designed to carry lighter fluid for an interesting effect... Designed with Steve Mould for this video:https://www.youtube.com/@SteveMould Editable parameterized Fusion360 files are available here: Loop: https://a360.co/43UdRgP Split: https://a360.co/4b1J9on Spiral: https://a360.co/3QbwZRI Coil and Loop: https://a360.co/4aG2jjL Rays: https://a360.co/3JpINfy Figure Eight: https://a360.co/4aNZWMc

Raspberry Pi 4B Cases

This my new favorite case design. It looks really cool and snaps together nicely.

Raspberry Pi 4B Case by mkellsy
A Raspberry Pi 4B case with honeycomb vents. This has 384 different configurations. Here is the matching Raspberry Pi 3B+ case.https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3361218 If you are looking for a touchscreen case, check out my matching official Raspberry Pi touchscreen case here. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4610955 Or do you have a hat and need some extra cooling? Check out the wind tunnel version. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4611538 Compatibility Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Configurations This includes multiple mount configurations; 75 mm VESA mounts 100 mm VESA mounts 8020 mounts No mounts Also included are multiple top configurations; Standard Slotted for display and camera ribbons 25 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm fan cutouts Clean version (great for modding and remixing) And then there are different body styles Standard Full Slim Mix and match 8 bases with 16 different tops and 3 different body styles. That’s 384 different configurations. Assembly To assemble you will need A #6-32 tap. 4 x #6-32 x 3/4 socket head cap screws. (slim body) 4 x #6-32 x 1/2 socket head cap screws. More detailed instructions can be found here. Assembly Instructions. Updates 8/11/2019 Update. Added full body version. Added slim body version. 8/16/2019 Update. Added fan grills This is remixed from 0110-M-P’s design, however it is not compatible with it. This has a different bolt pattern.

Other Stuff

Cable Organizer by Fuzz98
This is a cable organizer for your desk to keep all those running wires organized in this sleek design I made in Audodesk Fusion 360. This was printed on the Anycubic Kobra 2 Neo Printer! This design can be printed with PLA or ABS to make the print stronger! I will also be releasing a TPU VERSION to make sure cables never fall down or out of the printed part! Some tips to make this stronger is to print with more infill and walls!! Follow me on Thingiverse and Like!!! Go check out my other models!!
NASA Fabric - V2 by RileyDesigns
This is NASA fabric, it’s a super satisfying sheet of hexagonal chainmail that you can fidget with our display. The model isnt fragile so play till your hearts content. The model is fully scaleable and a full bed print was included so you can create your own shapes by deleating indevidual hexagones. Simply import the STL raw model file into the slicer and separate the sheet into parts and delete the ones you don’t want. For best results use a small layer size, I used 0.12 mm and it worked excelent. To change the face pattern, adjust the “Bottom surface pattern” I used the Concentric mode which left me with a beautiful hexagonal infill pattern. UPDATE:New geometry makes upgrades this model in every way-Prints in 4 hours at .2mm-Print on either face-More accurate triangle reduction-Slices faster-Less lag when moving in slicer-Now works at .2mm layer height There is also a dragon scale and scnake scale version available on my profile, it looks amazing and is themed for the year of the dragon! Its a great model to use on costumes with color shifting filament.


Desk Cable Organization

My first big 3D printing project was to organize all the cables under my desk. I found some of these models on Thingiverse, and I also designed a few of my own things in OpenSCAD.

Caldigit TS3+ Plus Wall / Desk Brackets by therealmrgadget
I wanted to be able to mount my Caldigit TS3+ Plus either under my desk, or on the wall next to my desk. These brackets fit snuggly and allow for both wall and desk mounting. Please note that the fixed rubber (grey) base part of the TS3+ has been accommodated for in the design, so you don’t have to remove it. This means that one side is slightly longer than the other side. You will find out easy enough as it will not fit if you try it the wrong way first ;) I have included the Autodesk Fusion 360 file if you want to tweak the design further, as well as the Cura file if you also have an Ultimaker 3 Printer. Please enjoy. I hope this helps you to tidy up your desk clutter as it has for me :)
Under Desk Cable Organizer Box with Lid by ndbroadbent
I made a box to tidy up the cables under my desk. The OpenSCAD file requires the BOSL2 library, which you will need to download from GitHub and install into the OpenSCAD library directory for your platform: Windows: My Documents\OpenSCAD\libraries\ Linux: $HOME/.local/share/OpenSCAD/libraries/ Mac OS X: $HOME/Documents/OpenSCAD/libraries/ If you are just using the .3mf or .stl files then you don’t need to worry about this, it’s only for the .scad file. The OpenSCAD file also has variables that you can adjust for width, height, length, screw size, etc. (It’s my first OpenSCAD project so the code is crazy, but it works!)
Cable Chain “SnaKe” by patricio5s
This is my remix about cable Chain, SnakeChain can move in multiple directions.

Mailbox Guard and Lora Receiver Case

LoRa Mailbox Notifications
I bought this awesome device that sends me notifications whenever we get a new letter or package in our mailbox. I bought it from the creator’s online store: MailBox Guard Wireless IR SensorPricelessToolkitPricelessToolkit The design is also open source and available on GitHub: GitHub - PricelessToolkit/MailBoxGuard: Lora Long Range

See the blog post for more details


Michaelangelo's David Bust

I printed and spray-painted this David bust to display on a shelf. I paused the print half way and filled it with pebbles to give it some weight.

Michaelangelo’s David Bust bisected at a 45 for cleanest print by K3D_Creates
I cut this scan of David by Cosmo Wenman via the Scan the World project on MyMiniFactory at a 45 for the cleanest possible print. Fusion 360 made the file too large for printing, but reduce the scale the same amount for both parts for your preference. Part of the reason I cut it up was to print a human head sized version on my Ender 3 (hat in photo for reference) It’s a very intricate model, but the angle I cut it at prevents supports from marring David’s face. Most supports are just to hold up underneath the overhang of the bust above the columnar pedestal, and then sections of hair on the head section. You will want supports (probably tree), and you’ll want high resolution settings. Print to preference other than that. Maybe a brim for the neck part. I did not make peg holes or anything, since I just match them up as best I can and cover seams with filler/primer. The shape of the model is quite unstable if rocked or knocked...the head is positioned forwards on the column instead of on the center, so when you glue together the two parts, you’ll want to make sure you have a VERY stable spot before you apply adhesive.

Figurines for Airbrushing and Painting Practice

I printed this duck, Crash Bandicoot, and Pikachu to get some practice with my airbrush. My printer can do multi-color prints using the AMS, but it takes a long time, wastes a lot of plastic, and doesn't always look very good. Another good option is to print all the parts separately and glue them together.

Duck by Infalivia
Duck for 3d printing. Download exclusively, models for download! ❤https://www.patreon.com/Infalivia Check my instagram: @infaliviahttps://www.instagram.com/infalivia/
Pikachu Pokemon EDLI3D by ShadowBons
I design this for my project 150 pokemon, i hope you enjoy it, follow us on instagram, youtube, facebook, and .com, you only need to search EDLI3D, the best 3Dprinting community. Diseñé este modelo para mi proyecto 150 pokemon, espero que lo disfruten, siganos en instagram, youtube y .com, solo busca EDLI3D, la mejor comunidad de impresión 3D.
Crash Bandicoot Statue (Crash 4 Version) by HappyMoon
IT’S ABOUT TIME! (get it because I haven’t uploaded in nearly 11 months haha) I’ve included files for 3 different poses (see second image for previews) - the ‘full’ files are the statues all in one piece, however I have also split them into different parts for easier printing. When making these files, I started by modelling Crash in his default idle position (pose1) based off of screenshots from the game, and then played around with different poses - thanks to the amazing Crash community on Twitter for helping me decide on these poses! :D Sorry for not uploading much recently, hoping to release more props + statues in the future :)

Crash Bandicoot

3D Tic-Tac-Toe

3D Tic Tac Toe Remixed by nathan.f77
I designed my own version of 3D Tic Tac Toe in OpenSCAD. You can make changes to the .scad file to control all the different sizes, margins, padding, tolerances, etc. I copied most of the main design elements from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6171473 but wrote all the code from scratch. I designed tubes for the “O” pieces instead of spheres. Print list: * 1x base* 9x poles* 14x X pieces* 14x O pieces I added holes to the base plates, so you can print all the poles separately. I recommend printing the poles horizontally with some supports, because this makes them much stronger. (They can be very brittle and snap easily if you print them vertically.) You could even buy some wooden dowel rods from the hardware store, or maybe some metal tubes. You don’t need to worry about buying some cylinder with the perfect matching radius - just tweak the radius variable and everything will be adjusted to fit.

Tri-Hex Holder For Pens, Paintbrushes, etc.

Tri-Hex Holder by Saiteik
A holder made out of three hexagon’s that was a request from my SO. The heights are 100mm, 120mm, 140mm. Can be used to hold various items depending on their heights. ex: Brushes, Pencils, Pens, Markers, Long Slim Tools

Replacement Rack Ears for Ubiquiti Switch

I bought a used Ubiquiti Switch that didn't come with any rack ears. I designed and printed these little brackets so that I could mount it in my server rack. The brackets prevent it from slipping out of the rack, but they are not strong enough to support the switch. It needs to be placed on top of another rack-mounted device for support.

Replacement Rack Ears for Ubiquiti Switch (No Load) by ndbroadbent
I was inspired by some similar rack ears that I found on Thingiverse, but I had to design my own from scratch in OpenSCAD since the other ones weren’t quite right. I used these for a Ubiquiti PoE switch that I bought second hand, since it didn’t come with the original rack ears. I had to make the sides quite thin to fit in my rack, and I made the holes much smaller for the screws. Also note that these rack ears are not designed to hold any weight. You should put the router or switch on top of another device that is mounted using proper rack ears. These rack ears just hold the device in place and stop it from moving forwards and backwards.

Battery Organizers

I printed lots of organizers for coin cell batteries, AA, AAA, 9V, etc.

Battery dispenser AA & AAA by LarNil
Designed for very easy printing. AA & AAA version for gridfinity too. These 2 dispensers each hold 18 batteries. Gridfinity versions holds 20/19 for AA/AAA. The AAA dispenser can be added on top of the AA dispenser. (from version 3 AA adds on top of an AA dispenser and AAA on top of an AAA too). Dedicated standalone models and gridfinity version available. The batteries can slide out from the side, be gripped from the side or directly from front (version 4). Stacked, standalone or gridfinity, you decide! Version 2: Version 2 is extendable and can still be stacked. The extension holds 16 batteries. Version 3: Added possibility to stack AA on top of AA and AAA on top of AAA. Reduced the need to tap the batteries (sometimes) for them to roll down. Version 4: Added dedicated standalone models. Improved grip when stacking AAA on-top of AA. Added small ramp on the side to prevent batteries to accidentally slide out. Added slot for gripping batteries directly from front. Version 5: Improved ramp. Gridfinity (v6 of sorts) Added gridfinity version for AA & AAA. Not stackable.
Parameterized coin cell battery holder by Albert_dH
A coin cell battery holder parameterized for the number and size of cells and wall thicknesses. Print to hold the cells at the bottom of their slots by friction, and push them up via the bottom slot and then grab the sides from the top. This design is chunkier than some but it is going to live and work in a toolbox so the robustness is a feature. If you want to build a multi-cell battery look here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:267438 . 30 volts in the size of a D-Cell! One end is marked with a hole to keep track of relative state of charge or whatever.

Orleans Board Game Organizer

Orleans Organizer by MrFuFu
I love this game. I hate how fiddly it is during setup. The components are a nightmare if all you have for organization is plastic baggies. One of my friends upgraded to little tupperware containers, but those are still a pain to fiddle with. Fortunately for you, I got sick of it, and made this handy organizer. It comes with little castle themed bins for all the serfs and knights. Each bin has either two or three bays inside of it. There are also two bins that are crate themed for the resources The bays are sloped so that you can easily draw out components. Each bin has a slide away top that snaps into place, so setup and teardown is as easy as placing the bins and sliding off the tops. There is also an organizer for the tiles that drive the gameplay at the top of the board. Plenty of room in the box for all, when the game is packed away. Components to print: 1 Orleans-3tray.stl (Grey) 1 Orleans-3TrayLid.stl (Grey) 2 Orleans-2Tray.stl (Grey) 2 Orleans-2TrayLid.stl (Grey) 1 Orleans-TileTray.stl 1 Orleans-3ResourceTray.stl (Brown) 1 Orleans-3ResourceTrayTall.stl (Brown) 2 Orleans-3ResourceTrayLid.stl (Brown) Every component is built to optimize gameplay and seamlessly transition from storage to play. So, boot up your printer, toss out those plastic baggies, and upgrade that copy of Orleans. Enjoy!

Curved Honeycomb Vase

I printed this to try out "Spiral vase" mode, where it prints in one continous line (instead of printing one layer at a time.)

Curved honeycomb vase by eggnot
F.A.Q You can sell your prints on Etsy etc. Don’t ask me for a permission, instead read a License on a left (it’s CC - Attribution SA) I don’t need your cut. Instead if you like a model or you making a profit out of it - donate me a small amount. License is for a 3d/STL file and NOT for a PHOTO / other content (you can’t sell your prints using my photo, do your own photo of your print). DESCRIPTION: Just a couple of modifiers to give Honeycomb vase(by radus) more stable bottom. Also i think it looks more organic. Done in Blender 3d, .blend file is attached. [sotvl_Spiral-Vase.stl] is a solid shape. you should print it in “Spiralize Contour”(Cura) or “Spiral Vase”(Slic3r). Ts is not waterproof, as it will be small holes on a way up from bottom. So, it is not good for water, but soil is ok. [sotvl_thick 1,2mm] - with a proper thickness calculation. 1mm and 2mm thick respectfully. probably waterproof... but not tested by myself with a print yet. Slice and print as a usual thing, not in vase mode. [sotvl_thick-Blender.stl] is thick/thin shape. should be ok for usual print and waterproof, but need more testing with prints. At current state, it seems it less reliable compared to sotvlthick 1,2mm. [sotvl.blend] - source Blender3d file, shape and thickness can be changed there. (for advanced users)

Filament Spool Switcher & Winder

This machine can be used to wind filament onto a new spool.

Bambu Lab P1 / X1 / X1C / X1CC Filament Spool Switcher & Winder on Printables

Turntable for 3D Scanning

I ended up using this for airbrushing.

Simple Programmable Turntable for 3D Scanning (Photogrammetry) by guppyk
Just a simple turntable for use in 3d scanning (actually photogrammetry) or anything else that you can think of. This is an easy print and all you need is a stepper motor, three ball bearings, and an Arduino (together for considerably less than USD 10). Stepper motor 28BYJ-48 (5V 4 Phase) + ULN2003 Driver Board (should be less than USD 2 together) Arduino (once again less than USD 2 - I have been using the Arduino Nano for most of my projects but you can of course just as well use an Uno) Four 608 (ZZ or RS or 2RS) ball bearings (once again < USD 2) Put the stepper in the mount in the center of the case, connect it to the Arduino via driver board, stick the ball bearings on the four axes, stick the feet in, and add the turn table. You are (almost) there. All you need is a few lines of code adapted to your needs (which could be continuous turns, moving stepwise, a stop after every 10 degrees or....). The nice thing about using an Arduino is that it is fully programmable. If you are not familiar with writing code for the Arduino, no problem, just enter “arduino 28BYJ-48” in Google. There are lots of good tutorials (and code you can copy and paste) on the net. For Photogrammetry (i.e. 3D scanning without a laser) all you need is a decent camera (your mobile phone camera will do) and software (I use Meshroom - simple, free, works great). You won’t even need a tripod. Have your object turn 360 degrees and take 30-50 pictures. Do this again from a higher viewpoint. Have the object lie flat on its back/front and repeat. Once again, it’s simple and there are lots of good tutorials on the net. Hope you like it. Enjoy! ...and as usual, take care when handling electronic equipment and no warranties whatsoever ;-)

Tablet Wall Mount

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus second gen wall mount case by mikedhoore
Wall mount case for a lenovo M10 plus second gen tablet

LED Strip Channel Holders for Vegepod

I designed and printed these clips to hold an LED strip grow light.

Pendant Lamps

I printed 8 of these for lights around our house. They look really nice.

Pimp your pendant lamp! by justinwille9666
Pimp your light with these easy to print cubic lamp shades.&nbsp;Print Settings:line width: 0.6mm (works fine with 0.4 nozzle)spiral vase: onbottom layers: 7layer height: 0.16&nbsp;They are working with every lamp with an external thread around 4cm &nbsp;example: https://www.amazon.de/Linkind-Lampenaufh%C3%A4ngung-H%C3%B6henverstellbar-Pendelleuchte-Lampenhalterung/dp/B094HY8VC6/ref=asc_df_B094HY8VC6/?tag=googshopde-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=526495320941&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15052909721952127031&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9116154&hvtargid=pla-1379022261744&psc=1&th=1&psc=1&nbsp;

Glass Sphere Lamp Adapters

I printed these adapters so that an existing light socket would fit into a new spherical glass lampshade.

Angled Holder for Nintendo Switch Dock

This dock holder makes it a easier to take out my Nintendo Switch from the TV cabinet.

Bolt Thumb Screws for Drill Press Vise

I use these to quickly reposition or remove a vise from my drill press.

Alien Egg Chair

This was designed for a chicken egg, but I scaled it up to fit an ostrich egg. Now my wife can display her ostrich egg on a shelf in her office.

Egg Chairs by DaveMakesStuff
Keep your eggs safe in these comfy chairs. Or scale them up to hold melons or small children. See here for video: https://youtu.be/pjC-_G7KGnA There are four sizes of chairs to ensure that even your little eggs get a good view. Original size files are intended for resin printing, but they can be scaled up for FDM printing. This download includes one chair. See here to download the set: https://than.gs/m/912766 Oh, and I was just kidding about using the Egg Chairs for small children. Don’t do that.

Cat Key Hook

Cat key hook by aarruti
A simple hook for keyring where the cat come out of the box when the tail is pulled. Due to problems on the platform I had to create a new account to upload this model again. Do not hesitate to make many cycles of opening and closing the box to break-in the mechanism. MY PRINT SETTINGS: PLA Resolution : 0.28mm Infill : 20% Support : on Cover.stl and cat.stl

Vinyl Record Wall Brackets

Vinyl Records Wall Bracket Holder - minimalistic by 3DSiegel
Hey everyone, a standard vinyl record weighs on average 120g. For engineering, we don´t need such designs like these: https://german.alibaba.com/product-detail/wooden-wall-mount-vinyl-record-shelf-on-wall-phono-album-lp-display-shelf-record-rack-62047627390.html Thinking more minimalstic, I created a model wich weighs only 14g (100% infill). Attach the model with 2 countersunk head screws or use some glue. Note: Print the model with the long side in direction of the z-axis, so the most bending stiffness is along the printing lines. Thank you and have some fun with the prints! Cheers Marlon

Fluxx Card Game Box

Improved fit Fluxx box w/ Firefly, Nature and Holiday lids by randerson_1983
Made slight changes to Wizzer2801’s deck box file, removed little artefact on side of box (looks like from the X poking through) and have added bumps as spacers onto where the lid is placed. Having printed 4 of these, i found the lid was loose every time. This design fixed that for me. Using rounded bumps, if you find the lid too tight now, it should be easy to sand a little off to get your perfect fit. I have also uploaded lids I made for Firefly Fluxx, Nature Fluxx and Holiday Fluxx. Enjoy. Many thanks to Wizzer for the sharing the original designs! Much love.

Replacement Pool Vaccum Adapter

My cousin asked me to fix this thing for his pool vacuum.

Vaccuum Hose Adapters

I designed some adapters for my shop vac so that I could extend the hose. I also printed adapters for my circular saw and cyclonic separator.

Rubik's Cube Tissue Box

Tissue Box Rubik’s Cube by McCheezy
Hey guys, I designed a Rubik’s cube tissue box. If you don’t have OCD, you can mix the color plates ;-) You can also use it for other things like a money box. Edit: A user asked for stp-files. Enjoy!
PLA was a bad choice. The tissue box started warping and the color pieces fell off when my wife parked her car in the sun. I might try printing this again using ASA filament (UV resistant.) I might also print the color pieces slightly smaller and super glue them (instead of hammering them in.)

Fairy Door & Window

Fairy Door medieval hinges by Prosta
Lizard wizards thing with hinge change

Raspberry Pi 4 Cases

I really like this Raspberry Pi case design.

Raspberry Pi 4 Case - Slider Case by dtnavida better airflow by berat45
I’ve modded the Raspberry Pi 4 Case by dtnavida so air can flow through the case to prevent overheating

NodeMCU ESP-32S Case

I've printed lots of these cases for ESP-32s around my house running ESPresense.

NodeMCU ESP-32S Case by jknorr
A case for the NodeMCU ESP-32S. This case was designed for development boards with a width of ~25,7mm and a length of ~48,43mm (see photos). Inspired by: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3195951

QuinLED Dig Uno Case

QuinLED Dig Uno v3.1 on Printables

Car Water Bottle Holder

I designed this water bottle holder for my car in OpenSCAD.


The "Hello World" of 3D printing!

Other Stuff

Bambu Lab filament swatches by Foxart
I reverse engineered the filament swatches that come with the A1 mini from pictures from youtube video’s.&nbsp;They are an perfect fit with the “Swatch Display Board” by Bambu Lab: https://makerworld.com/en/models/14863#profileId-14645&nbsp;I also made a version with PRUSAMENT, POLYMAKER,REPRAPWORLD and SUNLU on the back (printing with a smaller nozzle is recommend for these)&nbsp;Special Thanks to Bryan Vines for the clear video of these and the temporary cover photo!Check him out he’s great: https://www.youtube.com/@BV3D&nbsp;Enjoy!
Grandma’s Favorite Filament Clip by extrutim
Over 90 000 downloads and over 20 000 likes speaks for itself, a very popular filament clip now for you, here!&nbsp;A simple filament clip which prevents the filament from unwinding reliably!I&#39;ve tested many filament clips in the past, but couldn&#39;t find one that I was 100% satisfied with.Out of this need I have designed this small clip!&nbsp;This is the easiest way to attach the clip: Hold the end of the filament between your thumb and index finger, and press down on the previous winding with your middle finger. This way you can loosen the previous winding a bit to make it easier to get underneath with the clip to attach it. Do it a few times and it will be done in a few seconds.&nbsp;Important:Make sure your filament is not over extruded. This can cause the clip to not work as well as it could.I recommend regular PLA, Silky PLA has a poorer layer adhesion which can cause the clip to break.&nbsp;Tip: 2.85mm filament? Just scale the clip in your slicer to 160%.The most important features in short:Only requires about 1g of filament and prints in about 7min.Does not attach to the spool. This makes it compatible with any filament spool and they can still be stacked easily.Has a grip for easier handling.A &#34;scoop&#34; to get under the previous winding better.Bends the filament just slightly and therefore doesn&#39;t damage it.A separate version with a hole in the grip to hang it up.The different clips explained separately:&nbsp;The classic: Unchanged because the vast majority are perfectly satisfied with this clip.The stronger clip: If you use Silky PLA or another filament with poorer layer adhesion, this scoop will be more sturdy.The clip for beasty filament: Filaments like PC are very slippery and stiff at the same time. The previous turn is clamped much stronger and prevents slipping.The closed clips: If the filament is fed into a Bowden tube these clips can stay on the filament. The hole is shaped so that the filament when it is straight simply slips through, if it is wound on the spool it holds the filament by its bending.There are these two versions, depending on which one you like better in handling.&nbsp;Remix? Please remember to select the same license as from this model when remixing.&nbsp;You can find the original upload here, of course I would be very happy about a like and a follow there!Commercial use: Even if the license forbids this I agree if you show this model to your audience in a video etc. or use it if you run a business. Only selling the files or the physical model is prohibited. Please remember to name me as the author and link to this page.
Windows 95 Start Menu Button by sabertail
A replica of the Windows 95 start button. The STL model is 16 cm in the wide dimension and about 6.4 cm in the other. The black parts of the icon are 0.4 mm higher than the colored parts. I printed most of it with gray filament, switched to black filament for the last couple layers, and then painted the colors on. Turning on the “ironing” setting if your slicer has one will produce a better finish. You might be able to print inlays for the colored bits and glue them on, so I’ve included STLs for them. I have not tried this myself, though, so no guarantees.
Yoshi by InventingJ
My first organic and multi color model :) Please tell me if i need to do anything differently ;) (it would help me alot.) Ps. Fusion 360 file included !.. And and and.. Yoshi-Solid (repaired) is for single extrusion :) Enjoy !
Kurzgesagt Duck by easyrider1984
Assemble by hot glue after printing
Snowflake by CreativeTools
A snowflake to hang on your Christmas tree Thing video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HszUA4tW9go By Creative Tools Home - Things - GooglePlus - Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Instructables - Instagram - Flickr - Vimeo - LinkedIn
The “Why do I need all this USB & SD media?” Holder by ecarlisle
Overview File this under the “yet another” category, but yes, I wanted to model one too. I have a bunch of media and dongles and wanted a nice rectangular “plot” to arrange them on. Though this isn’t a remix, this was definitely inspired by Lalo_Solo’s USB SD and MicroSD holder for wide USB sticks. Prior to making this model I used two of his model, mirrored one, and glued the two together on the lengthier side. This will hold: 24 USB-A devices of fairly-wide variety (see photo) 16 SD cards 29 MicroSD cards Dimensions Length: 124mm Width:8 4mm Height: 18mm Estimated Resources (using Cura 5.2.1): Print Time: 17hrs, 5min (with 50mm/s print speed) Material Use: 124g, 41.46m (I generally print with 3-line walls. Decreasing the wall thickness will decrease the filament used) Related Content: Edit on TinkerCad View on my blog
Monthly Pill Organiser (Individual Sliders) by ndbroadbent
I modified this design so that it has individual lids for each space. If you print 4 lids, you can slide them up and down to open up the different spaces. You can start with all 4 lids at the top and with an empty row of spaces at the bottom, then slide one lid down each day to reveal the next space. I think that this design makes it more usable since the lids are self-contained and don’t stick out when you slide them up. The trade-off is that you only have 4 usable rows instead of 5, since you need an empty row to slide the lids into at the start. I personally printed this at 120% scale, but you can choose your own scale that fits your needs. ORIGINAL SUMMARY: With this pill organiser you’re able to store and organise up to 35 days of pills. The wells in this are designed to be larger to hold bigger and/or more medications. This is inspired by https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:758586 but built from the ground up myself. All credit for the idea goes to LoboCNC. I needed to make a new version of it for myself as the original one was hilariously small for the pills I take every day. Each compartment is 18mm wide, 18mm deep, and 24mm long. The whole thing overall is 145mm W x 160mm L x 21mm D You will need to print 2 each of the S lid and T lid, then one each of everything else. This has been designed with 0.35mm clearance. Print Settings Printer: Artillery/Evnovo Sidewinder X1 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: honestly anything is fine
Wire Gauge by DIYhans
I searched for a wire gauge to print but nothing found so I made it myself. The model is exact according to the AWG standard (American Wire Gauge) Sizes are from AGW-0 to AWG-30 but it is the accuracy of your printer how accuracy the sizes are. The gauge number refers to the size of the diameter cut-out next to it. I printed it in PLA but the finest AWG 25-30 are pretty closed. Its also a good print for testing your printer and settings Use: With electric wire, remove the plastic insulation because you only measure the core The horizontal gap at the outermost point is the diameter which is referred to by the gauge number. This is where the wire is placed to determine its size. The circular section acts as a run through for wire that is capable of fitting through the gap. It allows the wire to be easily removed after passing through the gap. When googling “wire gauge” you can find other information and the sizes of the AWG standard. I appreciate if you upload your print
Fin Vases Square by DaveMakesStuff
The radial fins on this vase creates interesting affects when printed with multcolor filament. Be sure to print in “Vase” or “Spiralized” mode! See here for video: https://youtu.be/t0Jmu4c5U6Y This vase is part of a set of three. Download the full set here: https://than.gs/m/914327 See here other multicolor vase designs: Stinkhorm Vase https://than.gs/m/912791
Puzzle Cube (easy print no support) by WildRoseBuilds
FREE FILE HAS MOVED HERE: https://www.printables.com/model/338890-puzzle-cube-easy-print-no-support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_T_tMMpWjQ This puzzle was heavily inspired by a gif of pacificpuzzleworks slideways puzzle cube. He has since made a thingiverse account and shared his files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3073646 3 identicle parts that slide together in a satisfying way to create a cube. Once assembled it needs to be held and moved in a specific direction to seperate. clearance between the parts is around .3mm allowing for smooth movement without binding. Since these parts have faces that slide on eachother printing in a higher resolution might be beneficial to the tactile feel. this design is intended to be printed without supports utilizing the bridge functions of your printer. i have left some extra tolerance at the bridge location to account for some sagging. Bridge length is 22mm. Cube size at default scale is 45mm. puzzle mechanics by: https://www.instagram.com/pacificpuzzleworks/
Lissajous Bookmark by skippa
150x20x.9 mm I completely reworked the code, made bookmark much thinner and of a better section. Let me know if you would like to see a different size / thickness / version. Fully customizable Scala source code: https://github.com/mikea/3d-bookmark
Air Spinner by walter
Update 2018-04-21: Added two additional versions I had no idea what this was for when I uploaded it. I didn’t think it would be useful for anything other than as a 3D print demo, I just made it to satisfy my curiosity. But if you check out comments below, guttyr discovered you can spin it up by blowing on it, and it can be used by speech therapists to help special needs kids get better at breath support and control. Different parts of the spinner will spin depending where you blow on it, I’m still figuring which locations and angles work best. Maybe it’ll help me too as I’m frequently out of breath when I’m at altitude or underwater. It can be printed with a 0.5mm extrusion width and 2 perimeters without infill. Printed in Atomic Filament Granite Grey PLA and Octave Precision Gold PLA* New versions printed in Atomic Filament Starry Night PLA and 3D Solutech Transparent Blue PETG* *affiliate links
Nautilus Gears by MishaT
Nautilus gears based on logarithmic spirals. Gear profiles generated based on research by Ágnes Dabi, Zsigmond Istvan Varju, Dr. Laczik Balint et. al. at the Budapesti Muszaki es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem. Agnes, Dabi (2005). Változó áttételű fogaskerék tervezés (Doctoral dissertation). Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem The gear profiles were generated using this Maple script for which full credit goes to the original authors:http://www.maplesoft.com/applications/view.aspx?SID=95483&view=html&L=G Rendered animation of the gears: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtkEyZwuwH4 Don’t own a 3D printer? Now available for purchase at Shapeways (http://shpws.me/Kdit) I’m not going to upload the SolidWorks file because it is frankly a mess of different experimentation, but I uploaded the DXF which should be easy enough to modify with most CAD software. Update: No more breaking pins! I’ve replaced the pins with a simple press fit design. Print two of the Connector Bar v2 or the Curved Connector Bar v2 (same idea, just curved for aesthetics) and snap them together! On a well calibrated printer they should snap together easily and hold tightly with friction. If they aren’t sticking together just add a drop of glue! Warning, these bars are one time use, they will be very hard to pull apart without breaking the pin. I will keep the original bars on for reference.
Small Spade/Shovel for plants by Quackulla
a small spade for use with houseplants and such
Fridge Scissors Holder with Magnets by ndbroadbent
This is my first attempt at a scissors holder with magnets for our fridge. I’ve included the OpenSCAD file with the source code, so you can tweak the dimensions for your own scissors. I’m planning to design a bigger version with larger magnets since the small magnets aren’t quite strong enough to completely stop it from sliding around on the fridge, although it’s still usable as is.
Sunglasses Car Sun Visor Clip by trevorlong
I designed this clip to clip my sunglasses to my cars sun visor when not in use. It works very well for my sunglasses. Update: For places that get hotter PLA will likely melt a bit and cause the model to bend. Comments typically recommend Nylon or ABS (thank you, everybody). I also posted a new version not necessarily to replace this but its a different design that should be better at holding the sunglasses and not warping quite as much. Head to printables to grab the Fusion 360 file and presliced GCode:https://www.printables.com/model/220058-sunglasses-car-sun-visor-clip V2:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4299084
Simple Bookend by Chuanyee223
Simple book end design that is similar to existing sheet metal bent ones. Base Thickness of 2mm. I have no 3d printer yet thus im not sure how think can it print. Part of A Model A Week collection.Trying to get myself used to FreeCAD thus creating this collection. Hope to hear feedbacks from you guys!
Car Trash - Poubelle de voiture by wrcalm307
Cet objet utile a été créé à partir de la poubelle créé par Heliox. Les seules modifications concernent le diamètre du cul de la poubelle pour mieux s’encastrer dans les compartiments dans les voitures destinés aux canettes en aluminium. Les parties 2 et 3 sont identiques à la poubelle d’Heliox. La partie_1car_1 fonctionne pour la Peugeot 307 et le Citroën Berlingot ; La partie_1car_2 fonctionne pour la Peugeot 206 ; La partie_1car_3 fonctionne pour la Toyota Yaris. Cette liste sera mise à jour en fonction des informations que je recevrai. N’hésitez surtout pas à indiquer quel numéro de partie 1 vous imprimez et pour quel voiture. Cela pourrait beaucoup aidé les autres utilisateurs de Thingiverse. This useful object was created from the trash created by Heliox. The only modifications concern the diameter of the bottom of the bin to better fit into the compartments in cars for aluminum cans. Parts 2 and 3 are identical to the Heliox trash. Part_1car_1 works for the Peugeot 307 and the Citroën Berlingot ; Part_1car_2 works for the Peugeot 206 ; Part_1car_3 works for the Toyota Yaris. This list will be updated according to the information I will receive. Do not hesitate to indicate which part number 1 you are printing and for which car. This could have helped a lot of other Thingiverse users. This is a remix from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2755175 using the mount for https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2477180 Is the only case I found for this aliexpress camera
Portable Cable Organizer / Winder by squinn
A portable cable organizer which is setup as an easy print-in-place and includes a knob on the side for conveniently winding up the cable when you’re ready to pack it away.This model is an easy print that requires no supports, and three different sizes are provided to accommodate cables of different lengths. If you’re not sure which to choose, I’d recommend starting with the “medium” size.&nbsp;After printing, you’ll want to place the cable within the groove at its halfway point, close the lid (which is intentionally designed to close tightly), wind up the cord clockwise using the handle, and then extend by simply grabbing the cable by both ends.&nbsp;Update 2023-09-13:&nbsp;Alternative smooth-sided versions of all three sizes have now been added, and also the handle design was slightly adjusted to add a small fillet and chamfer to decrease the bridge distance. Here’s a close-up picture of the updated handle on the knurled and smooth-sided versions:&nbsp;
Paper towel holder by Nazar78
A remix from @Maniac1st https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4786948/files with the following changes: Enlarged to snuggly fit a 43mm diameter spool hub. Changed to stopper pinch type instead of the need to bend frames while fitting paper towels. Shortened the cutter as an optional detachable clip-on (screws no longer needed) to fit a 230mm length spool hub. Misc: Print both parts number 1 and 2 twice, then the optional cutter part number 3 once if required. The cutter can be printed on a 230mm bed else align the cutter 45 degrees to the bed also take note of its flat surface. The cutter has been modified to fit loosely in the holder slot and should not fall off or removed easily. But if the printing is not perfect that you have difficulties gliding the sheets between the openings, just force the cutter holes into the holder circle tabs. To install, face the cutter’s flat side to the front with its saw like edges downwards, rotate the cutter 90 degrees side-by-side “parallel” to the holder, slide the thinner edge into the holder slot then rotate it back into “perpendicular” position. Do the same for the other side.
Novation Launchpad Pro 45 degree stand by tdeagan
This is a 45 degree stand for the Novation Launchpad Pro.
Airplane Phone Holder by Faretra17
**17 Aug 2023 Update*** Resized the slide join to make the 2-part option fit better. 29 Jul 2023 Update So, I have used this phone holder a lot (in 2023 I have flown 32 legs and 42,236 miles) and I really like it--save one thing, the shape takes up space in my backpack. So I embarked on making it a two piece holder so that it would lay a little more flat in my bag. This is my second attempt at making a connection and it works! I have some fine tuning to do, but overall I am happy. I am uploading the parts separately so you can print them or resize them as you want. The print quality on this one is a B- because I printed it quickly. Here are the settings I used for the two-piece: Ender 5+ Esun PLA+ .6 nozzle Both pieces printed on their sides with a 250mm brim (I have the orientated how I like to print them) CHEP Extra Fast Cura profile (speed 80) Temp - 195 bed 70 It’s a work in progress! In the photos, the green is a one piece and the silver is the two piece. Original Post Notes This is a remix of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5225016 I wanted a seatback holder for flying and I found this model. I made two small modifications in Tinkercad: I widened the area between the front and back support to hold a wider cased phone. I raised the front support slightly to provide a higher front edge to hold the phone. Photos are on an Airbus 320 of an iPhone 11 (the one with “Star Wars”) with a case that holds credit cards and an iPhone 13 with a standard case. Side Notes: I left the original designer logo on the bottom; it is their design, so they deserve the credit. It held my Kindle Fire as well. It doubles as a desk holder very nicely!