Fried Rice Sandbox Toy

Fried Rice Sandbox Toy

My wife is a counselor who does "play therapy" at a primary school. She has a sand tray and some toys that kids can play with during their sessions. Sometimes she asks me to 3D print things for the kids to play with. For example, I printed this little shovel for the sand tray:

Small Spade/Shovel for plants by Quackulla
a small spade for use with houseplants and such

One kid really likes trains, so I was asked to 3D print a toy steam train:

Another kid really likes pretending to make fried rice in the sand, so my wife asked if I could 3D print some plastic ingredients and a toy spatula.

I found a few 3D models:

Fried egg - dual extrusion by nglasson
No - I’m not cooking my breakfast on a super hot heat bed. I just happened to have white and yellow loaded on my first dual extrusion configuration, and felt a need to print something “real” after doing some calibration prints to fine tune the second extruder offset. ( Warning for complete idiots: if you print this thing - don’t eat it. It is plastic - not food. If you want a real 3D printed fried egg you will need to message Will: He seems to have the 3D printed food market all stitched up and will sue your pants off if you try to print this and eat it.
Download Corn Grains 001 3D Models for free | Freepik
Download professional Corn Grains 001 3D Models in various formats ✓ Ready to use on your projects | Freepik. #freepik
Parametric compartment box with lid by acker
This is the same item as hippiegunnut’s, tweaked very slightly with an optional lid added. -- UPDATE 4/13/2013 -- I added a second type of box: now you can use a sliding lid. Prints nicely, with a very steep angle in the lip so no overhang problems. I’m using these as chess boxes, card deck boxes, screw sorters, etc. Still fully parametric, of course. -- UPDATE 5/6/2013 -- Okay, finding a lot of uses for this recently. :) I added a parameter to include a coin slot in the lid. Now it’s a divided piggy bank too! (My 8-year-old son uses it to handle savings, etc. separately.)
Spatula by tdebest
spatula I printed on its side with base supports only

The wok model was tricky. I used this tool to convert the OBJ to STL:

Free Converter App for 3D File Formats
Convert 3D File to Autodesk, Draco, Wavefront, 3D Studio and many other formats.

The resulting STL had some errors, so I used this tool to fix them:

Free online stl repair tool

I also added some basic shapes in Bambu Studio (spheres, cylinders, and cubes) to peas, bacon, omelette, and green onions.

Some of these small parts were quite difficult to print. I had to experiement with the support and raft settings, especially for the peas and corn. You can see that I still lost a few.


Here's the finished product:

I had a lot of fun making this. I hope they have fun playing with it!