Compaq Evo T20 projects

Compaq Evo T20 projects

Compaq Evo T20s are fun. I have a few that I'm using for various projects. I plan to set one up as a RFID controlled alarm/door lock system. Its running Damn Small Linux using ruby, rubygems and sinatra packages that I compiled myself.

Karl Mowatt-Wilson's tutorials have been a huge help with flashing the T20s with linux images, as well as the open-evot20 site.

I wrote a K8055 USB Ruby C wrapper for the K8055 USB interface experiment board (bought from here). I tried getting to grips with Swig and posted a few questions on the mailing list, but gave up in the end, and wrote the C wrapper by hand. Credit to Sven Lindberg's libk8055 (linux drivers for K8055)

I'm trying to set up another T20 as an internet radio/mp3 server, but this is harder than I thought it would be. Compiling and MPD (music player daemon) on DSL is turning out to be nearly impossible. I've been wading through rpm and deb packages, trying to get the right versions of libao2, libao-dev, libmad0, libmad0-dev ... nothing seems to work. Would love to know if anyone has successfully compiled and/or mpd recently on DSL. Advice would be hugely appreciated.

Anyway, you can have a look at my T20 notes here, and download my tweaked T20 build scripts from here.

The notes are pretty scrambled and random, but I guess its better that they're in one document instead of 50 blog posts..