Next project!

So I have practically finished the player. Its running as I type this, and the sinatra server running on the machine is keeping me up to date with the tracks that are playing. But I’m not quite finished with this little project yet.

At work, I found an Advatel TCD226C LED Wallboard. It is a single line, 26 character LED display, that can communicate over RS232. The only problem is that the protocol is proprietary and the manufacturer isnt going to budge. So, time to get my hands dirty! I’ve sent 2 or 3 emails to various people who seem to be experts on reverse engineering LED displays. Hopefully I can make some progress.

On a related note, I bought a Pertelian USB LCD screen. Its 4 lines x 20 chars and am looking forward to setting it up on my T20. Then I won’t have to keep running to my internet browser every time I want to know what track is playing ;)

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