Fireworks display in time to music

Fireworks display in time to music
Photo by Ray Hennessy / Unsplash

I've had a REAPER license for a year or 2 now. Get rid of Logic Pro and Protools, REAPER is the most awesome music creation software I have ever used. I love the unparalleled flexibility to make it do whatever you can imagine.

I just followed this extremely helpful tutorial by Dave Hayes to get REAPER running on Ubuntu with wineasio. And now, I am in the middle of researching midi plugins that can trigger shell or network events.

My goal is to have REAPER play a song on one track. I will have another track set up with midi notes that fire off triggers to a plugin. This plugin will fire an event on my K8055 USB interface board. This USB board will trigger a relay. This relay will trigger a charge and set off a fireball in the field behind my house :D. I work for a stage lighting company in my spare time too, if I can get my hands on some USB -> DMX controllers, it would be cool to set up a few strobes and halogens as well.

UPDATE (30/09/11):

I actually did set everything up last year, and it was all ready to go, but then .. it rained :( Show was canceled.

I might try this again once I'm back in NZ.