Get Punished for Breaking Your Software Tests

At work, we use software called Atlassian Bamboo. It does CI (continuous integration) for us, so whenever a developer updates the code, it will run all of the software’s tests, and makes sure everything still works.

We had a USB Missile launcher lying around, and I thought it could be put to good use. So now, whenever a developer commits a change that breaks a test, he gets shot.

CI Sentinel

The launcher is a bit wimpy though. I’d like to replace the springs with some more powerful ones, since the darts only get about half way to Steve’s desk :P

If you’re interested, see here for the source code and instructions:


I attached a webcam and set it to record a video every time a missile was fired. Heres a link to the latest video:


The Atlassian guys wrote an article about us and posted it on their blog!

Click here to see it:

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