capistrano_colors has been merged into capistrano

capistrano_colors has been merged into capistrano. If you update capistrano to version 2.13.5, you will no longer need to include capistrano_colors in your Gemfile.
Don’t forget to also remove require 'capistrano_colors' from config/deploy.rb.

If you’ve been using capistrano without the capistrano_colors gem, well, you’ve been missing out! Your logs will now be nicely formatted and colored by default, like this:

Capistrano logs with colors and formatting

However, if you happen to be a big fan of black & white logs, you can just add disable_log_formatters to config/deploy.rb. See the Formatting Logs wiki page for more information about customizing the colors and styles.

Thanks to @stjernstrom for creating the capistrano_colors gem, and to @carsomyr for merging my pull request!

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